Junos public/private key SSH authentication

Hi Everyone,
Just a quick one today. I was reconfiguring my lab SRX for direct SSH access and in the interest of security, wanted to use RSA public/private keys for authentication. I did my usual key generation using puttygen (sorry guys, Windows user here), copied the OpenSSH authorized_keys public key string that Junos uses, applied it to the user of my choice and off I went…or so I thought. Here was my initial configuration:

admin@LabSRX# show system login
user admin {
    uid 2002;
    class super-user;
    authentication {
        encrypted-password "<plaintext passwd hash>"; ## SECRET-DATA
        ssh-rsa "ssh-rsa <key data>"; ## SECRET-DATA

Seems simple enough. However, when I went to login using the private key that I had just created for this public key pair, my SRX complained:

Using username "admin".
Authenticating with public key ""
Server refused public-key signature despite accepting key!

Huh? I could’ve sworn that pair was correct. I tried generating another pair, just to be sure but the SRX still didn’t want to accept it.

After fiddling with the SSH protocol version and other non-related parameters, I logged into one of my work’s lab SRX’s to see if anyone was using RSA there.

Lo and behold, I forgot the one part in key string needed to authenticate with it: appending the user name to the public key string:

admin@LabSRX# show system login
user admin {
    uid 2002;
    class super-user;
    authentication {
        encrypted-password ...
        ssh-rsa "ssh-rsa <key data> admin"; ## SECRET-DATA
[edit system login user admin]
admin@LabSRX# commit
commit complete

After my commit, I was able to use my private key to authenticate to the SRX.

You can have puttygen append the username using the “Key comment” field:

I did some digging around but couldn’t find any mention of this in the Junos documentation. My guess is that OpenSSH includes the username when using ssh-keygen in Linux/Unix. Regardless, just something I’ll have to remember when doing this again.

One Response to Junos public/private key SSH authentication

  1. plyusnin says:

    Thanks you for idea. But it did not work on Putty+FreeSSHD (Win7 x64) 😦

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