Not another networking blog! An introduction

Hello all,

Welcome to my little corner of the Internet and the network blogosphere. As if it weren’t crowded enough, I figure I would throw in my perspective as one of the few newcomers to the IT industry.

First, a little about myself. My name is Thomas Cooper;  I’m a network support engineer from Toronto, Canada, currently working for IBM Canada supporting Cisco, Juniper, Brocade and Blade Network Technologies Ethernet routers and switches. I’m an active CCNP and recently acquired JNCIA-JUNOS and BCNE certification. Our company supports a large and diverse clientele in North America, from major financial institutions to higher education, medical and commercial organizations. My professional focus is within the enterprise campus network space, with specific focus on routing & switching almost exclusively. Other interests of mine within the IT industry include virtualization, systems administration and security – between all the switch ports and routing protocols, I create/lab VMware ESXi hosts, Linux & BSD servers (web, DNS, etc.) and other various servers/systems to compliment my studies. One can never have enough Linux boxes (or switch ports for that matter).

When I’m not buried in CLI and fiber cable, I play guitar, listen to an wide variety of music, spend time with my family – my wife Felicia and our 3 year old son, Gavin (who helps keep me young and fit amongst all the office work).

Now that you know a bit about me, I’d like to set the stage for this blog.
Being a relative newcomer to the IT industry (just over a year of professional work experience), I thought I’d start this blog detailing my various trials and tribulations as I stumble my way to Network Rockstardom™. I’ll be detailing my various labs as I dive into the topics that interest me. Amongst those topics are enterprise R&S (BGP design, MPLS, etc.), WLAN deployment and configuration (we have a lot of Cisco WLAN customers), data center networking and vendor interoperability.

I would also like to say thanks to the numerous Network Rockstars™ that inspired me to start blogging. Amongst them, in particular I’d like to thank Mr. Ethan Banks, Tom Hollingsworth, Greg Ferro (pretty much the entire Packet Pushers crew), Jeremy Gaddis, Aaron Conaway, Jeremy Stretch, Tony Bourke…There’s really too many to name. I’ll keep a blogroll handy somewhere on the front page where you can find all these fantastic people. Thank you all!


To wrap things up, you can follow me on Twitter and find me on LinkedIn.